2018 Gardening Course Schedule!

Hello my Fellow Gardening Enthusiasts,

Have you missed me just a little bit?  I have missed you!
MY GARDENING CLASSES ARE BACK ON FOR  2018!  The first draft of the 2018 Course Schedule is here:  2018 Course Schedule   It is a program of nine 2-hour Courses. The fee is $295 per student.  Classes will not be offered separately.  (Sorry, I won’t have time for the extra bookkeeping.)

I sold my home and gardens last July so each gardening class will be held in a different local garden this year.  How EXCITING is that?!  Now in my classes, you will be exploring beautiful gardens around Greensboro while learning how to bring their beauty into your own garden.

Life has changed quite a bit for me in 2017:

  • We sold our home and 10 acre property in July. I survived 2 major house moves since then.
  • I’m currently in an apartment while my new home on 4 acres with swimming pool in Summerfield are finished. (Target date August 1, 2018! Yeaaa!!)
  • I am a single woman again, and HAPPY.
  • My husband Jim is still part of the family, Mom thinks of him as her 4th son (or my 4th brother.)
  • 2 weeks of October were spent seeing gardens in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and surrounding areas in Japan. It was fabulous and I have lots to share with you!
  • The City of Greensboro would like me to teach some of my classes in our public gardens. If legal stuff gets in the way, I will find more private gardens so that classes go on regardless.

My conversations with Johnny Galbreath, City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation brought back why these classes are so important to me. This format of gardening education is simply not available elsewhere! Not everyone has time to commit to a college program or the volunteer hours of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program – after all we want to have time in our own gardens!  The best gardening classes I ever took were held outside at least part of the class time. This also means classes stay small, about 15 students. I am committed to continuing this tradition with my classes.

Many past students have shared what a difference it has made in their lives and I am very grateful to hear it. This is why I teach! My scheduled dates and locations my change before classes start in March, but the course material will stay the same.  

THANK YOU in advance for spreading the word on your Facebook page and with friends & neighbors.

I wish you a fabulous 2018 and hope to see you in the New Year!

Christmas with Mom 12/2017

Warm wishes,

Ellen Ashley


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  • Tommy cowett says:
    December 28, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Great to hear your doing great. Let me know if I can assist you with anything.

    Best regards
    Happy New Year


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