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2019 Summer Gardening Classes!

Hello My Fellow Gardening Enthusiasts!

Massive trees at Claytor Nature Conservancy, Lynchburg College, Va

Its been an exciting summer of touring gardens, hugging trees, checking out new plant introductions for the nursery trade, and of course enjoying my own garden. The 95 degree weather in the Greensboro Triad has tested my new plantings, but I am happy to report that all but a few have survived  and my vegetable garden has been the best ever.  Every year in the garden teached me something new, and I am ready again to share that knowledge with you.

Barrett, Sweetheart and garden helper

This has also been a great summer for me as I have a new garden helper. My sweetheart, Barrett has graciously cut the grass, dragged hoses, burned brush piles, helped me transport oversized Japanese maples and cut down anthracnose infected dogwoods.  (New disease resistant hybrids like Cornus florida “Cloud Nine” have fabulous blooms.)

Ancient Crape Myrtles at the JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh. The trunks are amazingly beautiful when trees are never topped.

I added more plants to my wish list after a vist to to the JC Raulston Arboretum last week. This amazing lily was electric pink with blue tips on the petals. Appropriately named “Electric Blue Spider Lily”, any perennial with fresh blooms opening in August after a month of scorching heat has my love. I just ordered bulbs from Van Bourgendien.

Lycoris Sprengeri “Electric Blue Spider Lily”

Lycoris in the bathroom arrangement at JCRA – I’m shamelessly stealing thier design ideas!

I love sharing my gardening experiences and the joys of gardening!  You are invited to attend 3 exciting classes to wrap up the season.

ALL Classes will be held at my home, 8140 Witty Road, Summerfield.  There are NO prerequisites to attend.  Just RSVP to hold your spot & bring payment to class.

I hope to see you soon!


Course #4 – Organic Lawn Care
taught by Tommy Cowett, “GrowinGreen” of Kernersville. 

Saturday, August 17 at 2-3:30pm.  (Indoors.)  Course Fee $20.

Tommy Cowett will discuss the mind-blowing science of soil organics and why it matters for a beautiful lawn. This is not a sales pitch!  Tommy is an exciting speaker with loads of information. Did you know that organic lawn care can help mitigate air pollution? Did you know that it costs the same or less than your chemical dependent lawn?

Bring your Spouses or significant others so you don’t have to try explain everything to them later!

Course #5 – Summer Flowers, Seed Saving & Garden

JCRA Trial Gardens test many summer annuals.


Thursday, August 29 at 9-11:30am  (This is an outdoor class scheduled for morning to avoid the summer heat.)  Course Fee $30.

The Best Flowers for Summer Color

Annuals, perennials, biennials, bulbs and corms– what’s the difference?

The most reliable summer bloomers and when to plant them.
Spend your money wisely on deer proof, heat/cold tolerant, disease resistant, long blooming, and long-lived perennials. You may also want to know which ones are magnets for butterflies and hummingbirds. Many of these look bold and tropical, but are amazingly cold tolerant in the Triad.

Unique Ornamental Grasses that add color, texture and motion to the landscape.

Garden maintenance, Seed Saving & Bug Identification

Garden Maintenance: – You will learn about pruning and deadheading spring and summer blooming shrubs and perennials, weed and disease control, bug identification and discussion of what to do about the bad guys & how to attract more good ones!   We will also discuss “preemptive pruning” of perennials to control size and help them hold up their heavy summer blooms.

Experienced gardeners rarely walk into the garden without gloves and pruners in hand. There are entire books written on caring for perennial gardens because plants are just different. You will learn how to rejuvenate your plants to keep your garden blooming beautifully through fall.

Seed Saving – Late summer is time to collect seeds from spring bloomers to sow now or save for next year.  Your garden is producing much more seed than you will find in 100 ordinary seed packets! I will show you how to collect seeds, dry them, and plant them for more blooms next year – You will have seeds to take home too!


Course #6 – Garden Design, Adding Fall Color, the Season Wrap-up

Thursday, September 19 at 2-4:30pm.   Course Fee $30.

Garden Design Principles.   Fall is the perfect time to look around your garden with a critical eye. The ‘bones’ of your garden can be seen when the leaves have fallen and the perennials disappear for the winter. We will examine WHY a garden scene is pleasing to the eye.  Looking at specific components of the scene will uncover ideas that you can use in your own landscape design.

Learn how to add excitement to your Fall & Winter Gardens.  The Piedmont Triad is blessed with wonderful autumn leaf color. Make sure your garden has even more with fabulous Japanese maples, fall blooming camellias, asters, 6 foot tall ginger, helianthus, grasses, sedum and more. You will learn about keeping your winter garden beautiful with evergreens, berries, colorful bark, bulbs, stone and interesting textures.

Fall gardening tasks: Harvesting the last of your herbs before frost, planting garlic & spinach, what seeds to sow in fall for spring flowers, and what to do with leaves.  Learn about frost protection to make the last of your fall vegetables hold weeks longer through the cold. All about the what, when and how much of “mulching”.


To Register:

  • There are no prerequisites for these classes. Please Call Text or Email me to RSVP re the course you want to attend. Include your phone number and email address so I know how to contact you.
  • Mark your Calendar re dates & times.
  • Bring payment to class – exact cash or a check made payable to “Ellen Ashley”.


Happy Gardening!

Ellen Ashley
Gardening Enthusiast, Educator, Speaker, Blogger
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