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Building Raised Beds

Building a raised bed #1

Building a raised bed #2

Building a raised bed #3

Building a raised bed #4

Contributed by Don & Joanne Gibson, Thomasville, NC who attended the Vegetable Gardening Class.

Ellen, “We made a raised bed yesterday (April 3rd), it actually only took 3 hrs. It’s 4ftx16ft. & 16in deep. Don has knee problems. Now we just need to add vegetables and we’ll be on our way. Yes it looks like an upside down table. Don did that on purpose so we could cover it if we needed or add string or wire for beans or peas, etc. Then if we see we don’t use it, we can cut the tops off.  It cost $130 at Lowes including lifetime screws and all treated lumber.  I found compost at both High Point for $22/ton and Lexington for $10/scoop.”

Way to go Don & Joanne!!  I love the height of the beds.

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