Course Details, Pricing, FAQs

Every class will include:

(1)  A tour of what is blooming in the garden.  Plant identification will give you ideas of what might fit your own landscape and how to plan for color and interest in every season.

(2) Research-based and practical take-home materials (e.g., lists of deer-proof plants, perennials, vegetable planting schedules, soil test kits and more.)

(3) Essential garden tools for the task at hand.

(4) Recommended sources of continuing education: garden magazines, TV, books, Internet &  local horticultural events.

(5) Recommended sources for finding the plants, supplies and landscape services you want.

(6) Landscape design ideas and tips.

(7) Q & A time for addressing specific questions in class, as well as by phone or email.

(8) Bargain-priced pass-along plants from my garden


Courses #1 through #5 will be offered as a single “Gardening Essentials” program for $295.

The program will also include a bonus Organic Lawn Care presentation, 5 local garden tours, and answers to your gardening questions via phone or email.

If you count the hours of class plus tours, this works out to about $11 per hour. (You have wasted way more money than that on fertilizer and dead plants!)  Courses start with the basics and take you way beyond “Gardening 101”.  You are likely to be on information overload before the end of each class. You will love it!  Each class will be taught on more than one date. You can choose the dates that fit your schedule and attend as often as you like as long as you schedule ahead.  Class size will be limited to 18 people to allow for more personal interaction.  Registrations are confirmed only after payment is received.  Refunds are not available after March 1st.

(As a special consideration, you may purchase the FIRST class individually for $75.  If after Course #1 you decide you want to attend the rest of the classes I will apply $50 toward the full tuition.  Course #1 is a prerequisite to Courses #2 through #5.)

There will be 3 other  workshops offered through the summer. These may be purchased separately.

  • The Kitchen Class on “Preserving the Harvest” – $50

  • The Cut Flower Workshop – $75

  • Plant Propagation – $75

Please see the “Course Schedule” page for details of what will be covered in each class.

I will be spending many days in preparation before you arrive for each class. Each 3 hours will be packed with exciting information and the time will fly by.  When you EXPERIENCE gardening through your sight, smell and touch, you will you remember it for a lifetime.  I look forward to having you come out to play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase only a few of the classes?

Yes. You may purchase the series of 5 “Gardening Essentials classes, or register separately for one or more of the summer workshops.  Learning to garden is like learning a new language and one class is barely an introduction.  I think that ALL the classes are essential!   It is no surprise that the students who attended the most classes were the most pleased with what they were learning.  It is more satisfying for me too.

What if I have to miss a class?

We all have busy lives and students occasionally have to miss class.  In the event of unforeseen conflicts you may contact me to reschedule to a different class date.  If you still have to miss class, you will still receive the course materials and you may call, email or stay after other classes to ask me questions on things you may have missed. There are no refunds after classes have begun.

How do I register?

Click on the “Contact Ellen” tab on the main menu, send me your contact information and the dates you prefer to attend. You may also register by calling me at 336-644-6072. Prepayment may be made by cash, check or credit card. Registration is confirmed when payment is received.  Refunds are not available after March 1st.

What about weather considerations?

I have a large indoor meeting space where we can stay comfortably warm and dry; however our goal is to be outside in the garden for at least half of each class. Please plan to dress for the weather. In the event of hurricanes, ice storms or floods, classes may be cancelled and rescheduled.  Otherwise, class goes on “rain or shine”.

How do I get the most out of your classes?

I will email course materials prior to each class. You will find it helpful to review these prior to attending and bring a list of questions to class.  After class, go home and do something in your own garden!  There is nothing more motivating than successfully growing something beautiful and/or delicious.

Do you make house calls?

I offer on-site “plantscape” consulting for $100/hour. We will walk your property together with pen and paper in hand, and within an hour or two, come up with design ideas and a list of favorite plants that fit your personal style. My goal is to leave you inspired and with an executable plan of action.

Do you offer speaking engagements?

Yes. I’m happy to give presentations on many different topics such as butterfly gardening, kitchen gardens, container gardens, cutting gardens, organic gardening, pruning and more. My fee is $150 plus travel expenses.

Can I bring a group for a garden tour?

Yes. I provide educational guided tours for groups of up to 30 people.  A $100 donation is appreciated.

What else do you offer?

  • Fresh cut flower arrangements made to order from April through December.
  • Inexpensively priced “pass-along” plants.
  • Deer and rabbit repellent (organic) that works for 2 months!
  • Gift Certificates in any amount. These can be spent on course tuition, flower arrangements or “Plantscape” consulting services.
  • Hand crafted blank greeting cards on heavy card stock with colorful photographs from my garden. These are packaged in lovely Organza bags, 12 cards for $25. There are 5 card collections to choose from.   Click the files here to view photos (these take just a minute to load):                        Winter     Just Flowers      Garden Scenes      Cats & Butterflies      Beach Collection



2 Comments on Course Details, Pricing, FAQs

  • Cindy Wyrick says:
    January 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    When do you have plant sales and how can I attend your cut flower presentation

    Thank you


    • admin says:
      January 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm

      Cindy, Thank you for your interest! We are planning a new house & garden this year, so I will not be offering classes or plants for sale. I am available for speaking engagements and private garden consultations. If you are a member of the Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs, I will be giving a “Grow Your Own Arrangements” presentation at the Embassy Suites on April 10th. Happy Gardening! Ellen


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