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2016 Gardening Classes



I am patting myself on the back today for posting my 2016 Gardening Class Schedule so early.  The truth is that I was feeling guilty about having received several requests (Thank you!) so I made it a top priority.

In response to student feedback, the 2016 Course Schedule has changed a bit.  The new offerings should provide students more flexibility in their choice of classes – and give me more time for writing, and for at least one special overseas garden tour.  (Gardens are the best vacation destinations!)

Courses #1 through #5 will be offered as a single “Gardening Essentials” program for $295.

The program will also include a bonus Organic Lawn Care presentation, 5 local garden tours, and answers to your questions via phone or email.  Classes will begin on March 2nd and end by June 10th.  This condensed time frame should help students who are unable to make a longer commitment.  In order to accomplish this,  less time will be spent on physically planting a container garden (New Garden Nursery and the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden are great at that. I’ll send you their invitations.) and Garden Design will be moved up to Course #4 instead of its former space in Course #8.

There will be 3 other stand-alone workshops offered through the summer:

  • The Kitchen Class on “Preserving the Harvest” – $50

  • The Cut Flower Workshop – $75

  • Plant Propagation – $75

These are priced to reflect the enormous amount of preparation time and effort they require, the amount of freebies you get to take home, and the fact that they seemed to be everyone’s most enjoyable classes!

View details on my “2016 Course Schedule” page, or Click here for a printable version: 2016 Course Schedule

Registration for 2016 classes starts NOW.  Please share this with your gardening-curious friends, and reserve your preferred class dates by registering soon.  Use the  “Contact Ellen” page to reach me by phone or email.

I look forward to seeing you in 2016!Ellen Ashley


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