Edible Gardening

Can you EAT your landscape?



Raspberries are so expensive in the grocery store (and always will be) because they have shelf life of an ice cream cone in 90 degree heat.  Yet it is so easy to grow your own,  no spraying and only one annual pruning … and so delicious!    The coins in this photo are not nickels or dimes, but quarters!  I planted a new variety of raspberry 2 summers ago and as you can see, the berries are HUGE, as big as my blackberries.  What kind are they?  Edible Landscaping classes start this weekend and I will be covering small fruits, tree fruits, vines, and all things yummy.  (Check the schedule for dates.)

Yellow Plums

The yellow ‘Shiro’ plums are ripe and I have just picked the whole tree. My friend Linda Krebs took the gorgeous picture. There were just under 4 bushels of plums in all, some of which are waiting in the refrigerator those attending this weekend’s gardening class.  Notice the scale in the background? The plums are large; nine of them make a pound!  The red ‘Methley’ plums are ripening now too.

Methley plums

With so many plums, I make jam and wine and give plums away (my friends are especially happy to see me this time of year) – but plums are delicious for dinner too.  Last night I roasted pitted plums with a pork roast, added garlic, ginger, fresh thyme (500 degrees for 30 minutes).  Added brown sugar at the end.  I also roasted beets and sweet potatoes at the same time for a quick and amazingly easy meal.  The veggies were wonderful with the plum sauce too.

The blackberry and mulberry harvest are over now, but the blueberries and raspberries are coming in strong.   If there are young children in your life, they will be much more excited about eating berries in the garden than going to any restaurant.  You too may find new meaning in “going out to eat”!

Happy Gardening!