Organic Gardening

Compost! Can you ever have too much?

Compost at Greensboro Mulch is now mostly ground bark and leaves – good for loosening clay soils, but low nitrogen compared to the stuff you get in the fall that had had a summer of grass clippings mixed in.  Here is a richer alternative if you need compost now!

Free Compost (Reidsville) – posted on Craigs List, Date: 2012-04-27

Black gold. Super fertile – Great for gardens. Feel free to shovel from any pile. Take as much as you want (shovel provided) for free from any of the piles. If you don’t want to break your back and you want a pickup truck load, the cost is $5 a scoop. A scoop is about 4-500 pounds.  Please don’t call to see if we have any product left. We have a never ending supply. Rockingham Farm 680 NC-150 Reidsville. Just look for the horse property with all the green buildings. FYI. Manure is $2.49 for a 40 pound bag at Southern States. You get 400 pounds for $5 here and ours is alot fresher and fertile than the stuff they sell. We had tomatoes until the first week of November. Pretty potent stuff! Please only one free load per family!!!