Fresh Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements from our Cut Flower Workshops


Here are pictures of some of the gorgeous arrangements that were created at the last 2 workshops.   I was especially thrilled to see so many happy faces!  The really good news is that these arrangements can be made from many of the plants you already grow in your garden.  The trick is to understand the mechanics of how to make them stand up in your container and how to treat them to extend their vase life.

The Saturday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 10th workshops (9am-noon) have a few more spots available if you would like to attend. – These dates are  open to anyone for a $40 fee.  I am very excited that  Stacy Curtis from “The Farmer’s Wife” will be here as a special guest speaker for the August 3rd class.  This is a wonderful morning to share with a friend.  It is hard not to have a great time when you are surrounded with buckets of beautiful flowers!  See the description for Course #6 at https://www.learntogarden.net/2012-course-schedule/

In case you have pets who like to eat the greenery you bring inside, here is an article from Ava’s Flowers on house plants and other flowers to watch out for:  Poisonous Flowers & Plants   Even the sharp seed heads of oat grass can scratch a kitty’s throat.  Fortunately, the flowers I have for arrangements are not dangerous.  (By the way LOTS of plants can make you sick if eaten, such as the leaves and stems of tomato & potato plants – but then, we don’t usually eat them!)

Happy Gardening!  (Scroll down for more pictures!)


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