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May Poppies & Dames Rocket

May Poppies & Dames Rocket

I thought I would be blogging sooner, but I had to get back in my garden!   Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Sprayed 5 gallons of deer repellant, especially on the “deer candy”: Roses, Hydrangeas, Hostas, Azaleas, Deutzia, & Liriope.

Sprayed the rock wall of my herb bed with wasp spray.  I have been stung so many times while picking my basil! Yow!!  Wasps love nesting in the crevices between the stone.  Last year I did the preventive spray and it worked all season.

Sprayed the fruit trees (so we can eat fabulous plums when you are here in July!)

Deadheaded Knock-out roses.  This is really never ending if you want them to keep fresh blooms all summer, but they are so gorgeous it’s hard to complain!

Planted my little plants from Big Bloomers!  New for the cutting garden: A yellow Shasta Daisy, white Agastache, white Veronica “Icicle”, Goldenrod ‘Golden Baby’, Thermopsis ‘Sophia’, and purple Lisianthus to name a few.  All reportedly vase-worthy for Greensboro gardeners!

Moved my baby zinnia seedlings around to fill the bed in the cutting garden, & cut back much of the Dames rocket that had finished blooming.

Moved some Abelia out of their too-shady spot in the woods and replaced them with Heuchera ‘Caramel’ and Tovara, the perennial caladium.

Pulled up pansies at the Koi pond and replaced with seed for summer annuals right before yesterday’s rain.

Weed, weed, weed! (This is a verb.)

Pruned the English Ivy – It had climbed over the wall of the carport like arms reaching for my car!

Took out small trees at the edge of the forest and limbed up big ones.  I pointed & Y Sue climbed the trees.  🙂  The forest is always encroaching!

Did I mention I have been picking asparagus, lettuce, arugula, bok choi, sugar snap peas, turnips, garlic scapes, dill, radicchio and curly endive?  Yum!

It is now time to cut the blue woodland phlox to the ground and throw the seed in a big paper bag to dry.  Ditto for the purple Phascilia & Forget-me-nots, but this will have to wait until next week.

Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Gardening!