Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Many thanks for your kind comments about the 3 Gardening Courses I have held so far for NC Triad gardeners.  Most recently it seemed like most of you found the “How to Plant something” part of Gardening Course #3 very valuable …  & hopefully fewer of your dollars will be going into your plant morgue!

I  am always learning new stuff too – so here is another tidbit.

Asparagus beetle with eggs

As you have learned by now, organic gardening  is a system, not a product.  But nurseries and garden centers are still touting “organic” pesticides and people are buying them.  Jeff Gillman, an associate professor of horticultural science at the Uv of Minnesota who holds a doctorate in horticulture & master’s degree in entomology wrote an enlightening book called “The Truth About Organic Gardening”.  The following 3 page article: Organics & Pesticides, from The Pacific Rose Society expands on Jeff Gillman’s research. Broad spectrum “organic” pesticides still kill beneficials as well as the bad bugs.

The point of the article is not so much about roses but about the toxicity of organic vs synthetic pesticides based on how much and how often you must use them to be effective.  Does Sevin (Carbaryl) have the same Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) as Safer brand Insecticidal Soap?    The results may surprise you!   (I’m keeping my liquid Sevin spray.)