Organic Gardening

Plant that Christmas Amaryllis – outside.


Amaryllis in May

Amaryllis in the Herb bed

If you still have your Christmas Amaryllis sitting in a pot inside it is time to move it OUT.  Planted outside in full sun your bulb will grow twice it’s size over the summer and may even produce a second bulblet!  Left in a pot, you will have wimpy blooms next year, if any.  In Greensboro and the Triad,  Amaryllis bulbs can over-winter in the garden so we have these big vibrant blooms in May.  I leave some in my herb bed year round (photo above) and re-plant the ones that bloomed over Christmas back out to full sun in late April.  In fall I will bring them a few inside again to “force blooms” over the holidays.  Big bulbs can produce 3 giant flower stalks that bloom for 6 weeks in the dreariest part of winter.  Now that is happy gardening!