Garden Maintenance

Quick, before it rains!

Purple Smoke bush

Purple Smoke bush

I am rushing outside this morning to put out all things that need to get watered into the soil to be effective.  Doing this right before it RAINS saves me lots of time!

What I am putting out:
* Fertilizer
* Pre-emergent to prevent weeds in my mulched or newly planted areas
* Sulfur on the ground around my blueberries to lower the pH (My soil test shows I am way above the recommended 4.8 pH!)
* Systemic insecticide tablets.  Intead of spraying chemicals for Japanese beetles, lacebugs and other pests, a single tablet inserted into the soil at the base of your plant will slowly dissolve and be taken up through the plant roots and into the leaves of the plant.  Then only the bugs that EAT the leaves will be effected!  I will use them for my roses, azaleas, and laurels.  Cardinal Chemical on Hwy 29 sells the Bayer Coretect tree and shrub tablets.  The key ingredient is Imidacloprid, usually sold under the brand name Merit. Here is the product fact sheet: Merit Insecticide label

Happy gardening!