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Wedding Flowers

Bridal Bouquets are sitting in glasses of water, handles wick up water.

You may know that Jim and I were in Denver in early July for his niece’s wedding.  In effort to save money, his sister Gwen asked me to help with the wedding flowers. I have done a lot of flower arrangements in my life, but never a wedding. In fact, neither of us had. But when Gwen showed me the Florist quotes for bridal flowers, I was blown away!  $Thousands?! Really?!  I was so used to always having fresh flowers in my house, it never occurred to me that they could be so expensive.  There was no question we were taking this project on!

Gwen phoned & emailed about what supplies, flowers & ribbon to order so that we would have all that we needed to make the boutonnieres, corsages, bridal bouquests, pew hangar arrangements and 2 tall arrangements for the alter.  Carolyn chose colors of orange, yellow and purple. Gwen gathered everything including the huge order of fresh flowers from Costco.

Buckets of Flowers

I must admit that arriving to see the buckets of flowers still tied in rubber bands and plastic, huge boxes of foam, wire, bouquet holders and stacks of empty plastic florist boxes (for refrigerated storage) was a bit intimidating.  It filled her kitchen and overflowed into the dining room and outdoor patio. Truthfully the education gap was in the engineering of it all: We read instruction manuals & watched website videos re wiring & taping a corsage, creating bouquets that do not drip water on the dresses, arrangements that stay fresh hanging on the end of the pew and do not ruin the artful loops of wired & satin ribbons trailing to the floor, 4’ tall alter arrangements that fill space but do not tip over from their weight.  We did it ALL, and it came out beautifully!

Here are the pre-wedding photos of the work in progress.  I will post more photos from the photographer when available, but suffice it to say that the bride, groom, and mothers were very pleased.

Making Corsages


Boutonniere (Bows were added day of wedding.)

Pew Hanger, finished except for the big bow & long ribbons.

I appreciate my cutting garden more than ever, and I am very excited about the Cut Flower Workshops coming up on August 8th, 11th and 17th.  If you have not signed up, there is still space in all the classes.  We will talk about the best flowers you can grow at home for long lasting fresh flower arrangements, and how to condition them when they come out of the garden (florists do this for you.)  We will design and ‘engineer’ arrangements to fit many occasions, including transforming Fresh Market’s gorgeous roses (with naked legs) into full, bold arrangements dressed for the ball using cuttings from your own landscape.

I make fresh arrangements to order too. (Photos on my website.)  Flowers are a lovely way to say “Thank you”,  “Get Well” or “You are Special”.  Here are pictures with some of what’s blooming in the garden now.

Tall Zinnias and Cream Amaranth

Limelight Hydrangea & Feather Celosia

Red Gomphrena & Variegated Lysimachia

Happy Gardening!